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5 Extremely Effective Political Advertising Campaigns

Political Advertising & Television spots aren’t a new concept in politics. Since the advent of television they have brought candidates into the living rooms of millions of Americans across the country. But no two campaign ads are equal. The best of the best deliver a clear message that cuts to the heart of their campaign’s message. […]

The Future of Political Advertising

Political advertising is a direct way for candidates and parties to reach potential voters. It’s also a highly targeted way to promote specific policy positions and sway voters to support a certain candidate. This makes it an important part of modern elections. However, political advertising also poses a number of challenges that are becoming more […]

How to Make Political Facebook Ads

Running political ads on Facebook can be an effective way to connect with voters and spread your candidate’s message, even if it’s not the most cost-effective means of doing so. In fact, Facebook ads have been credited with helping President Obama win in both 2008 and 2012. Additionally, many non-profits, candidates, and other organizations run […]

Marketing Strategies for Political Advertising: Quick Tactics to Boost Your Campaign

Political advertising is as much art as it is science. Effort must be expended to make your message resonate with the masses. This is a marketing world we’re talking about, and no one can be taken for granted. Political advertising is the marketing of political ideas, messages, or slants to promote a particular political campaign, […]