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With Redvail, you can send texts to any phone nationwide in just minutes from your computer. Our SMS texting service delivers results at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods and is unmatched by other vendors.

Redvail political SMS services deliver unrivaled results for conservative campaigns across the nation. SMS is an inexpensive and impactful way to communicate with voters on election day, get-out-the-vote, or any other campaign activity. Campaign Shortcode Included At No Extra Cost


Political SMS Services Done Right

  • Reach the right people with our unlimited SMS service. With a 1 to 300,000,000 reach and no limits, you’ll never miss a voter again.

  • Expand your campaign or cause’s reach with the power of SMS. Redvail’s political SMS services provide unrivaled results for conservative campaigns across the nation.

Political campaigns need to get their story heard and they need to do it quickly. That’s where Redvail comes in. We power conservative campaigns with our high-impact, low-cost text messages so they can reach voters fast and run a winning campaign.

Our Political SMS Services Deliver Results

We help you reach out to voters who are in the palm of your hand. Get their attention, drive them to the polls, and motivate them to vote for you with a single text message.

Did you know that Redvail political SMS has a campaign shortcode at no extra cost? Get your campaign up and running quickly and easily with this one-time investment.

Winning Political Fundraising Services

Unrivaled Reach

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"Redvail helped our campaign reach 83% of the electorate and the results were incomparable to the lackluster results of our previous vendor."

Cruz for Senate

Redvail implemented a predicable fundraising apparatus that delivered results.

  • OfficeSenate
  • Before$700K
  • After$2.5M
  • Time7 Months

Abbott for Governor

Redvail implemented an innovative and collaborative approach to boost contributions to the campaign.

  • OfficeGovernor
  • Before$6.7M
  • After$16.5M
  • Time4 Months

Trump for President

Redvail implemented a scalable fundraising apparatus that delivered predictable results.

  • OfficePresident
  • Before$546.7M
  • After$816.5M
  • Time10 Months

Political Communication Experts & Operatives

Our team of communication experts deliver results you can count on

David Pyions

Digital Strategist

Tracy Royal

Fundraising Director

Dan O'Connor

Media Specialist

Karin Collins

Creative Director

Miles Oahklar

CRO Specialist
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