Level Up Your Campaign With Redvail

The Cruz campaign had reached a plateau in its fundraising and needed a way to bolster contributions to the campaign in a way that was both predicable and seamless with the campaign’s existing fundraising apparatus.

“Redvail made a seamless transition from our previous fundraising system that enabled the campaign to 10x our contributions within a matter of weeks.”

Jeff Roe

Before joining the campaign, we were informed that the campaign was struggling to boost contributions through the channels already deployed on the campaign trail.

While many campaigns rely on a variety of channels to drive funds to the campaign, the Cruz campaign already had a multi-faceted approach that encompassed a robust framework that was driving a stagnate volume from previous donors – without a significant uptick in new donors.

About our results

  • We performed a deep dive analysis on the campaign’s donor database to identify opportunities to maximize existing donors and increase donation volumes by up to 40%-73% in some cases.
  • Developed a campaign asset pack that would allow the campaign to streamline fundraising solicitations on the campaign trail through the existing contribution channels.
  • Created an automated fundraising apparatus that would nurture and increase conversions of existing donors while creating meaningful interactions with new donors to drive an additional 31% increase in new donor turnout.
  • Implemented our proprietary communications portal to allow the campaign to increase its reach to over 200,000,000+ donors, sponsors, volunteers and voters throughout the duration of the campaign.
  • Expanded the reach of the campaign through innovative fundraising measures to drive increases in new donor turnout, maximization of previous donors and a new resurgence of motivation on the campaign trail.