Revolutionize the way your campaign WINS on Election Day

During a particularly tumultuous election, Mayra Flores’ campaign needed an edge to ensure a clear victory at the polls. This would primarily rest on the campaign’s ability to fundraise so that resources could be procured along the campaign trail.

“Redvail came in and hit the ground running. They established a clear action plan and a path to implementation that made the whole process a breeze!”

Through incredible adversity and opposition by the Democrat party, Mayra Flores’ campaign needed an edge to win on Election Day. It was clear that doing things by the book wouldn’t be enough and that we needed to think outside the box in order to deliver results.

Through close collaboration with the campaign, Redvail established a compelling case to shift focus towards a new and improved fundraising model that would deliver results on the campaign trail.

It was through this coordinated effort that contributions rose and the campaign was able to bolster support from all across the state (and the country).

About our results

  • Redvail performed an in depth analysis on the Flores Campaign’s donor database to identify trends and patterns that suggested maximization of contributions was possible.
  • We began by optimizing the campaign’s communication portal by implementing our proprietary communications system to ensure that campaign would not be hindered by big-tech censorship.
  • Once integration was established, we began to systematically reach prior donors to maximize turnout and increase contributions to the campaign.
  • We began to explore pathways to reach new donors to increase the campaign’s resources so that a multi-channel approach could be established.
  • Over 4,000,000+ donors were contacted and an astounding 37% of prior donors increased contributions by up to 117%.
  • An increase of new donors surged and exceeded the anticipated 21% increase by over 75% in the first 90 days of the project.