Delivering innovative solutions on the campaign trail

The Lee campaign needed a way to reach donors in a way that would maximize contributions and maintain momentum on the campaign trail. With the ever-increasing importance on the upcoming election, it became clear that Redvail was the only firm that could deliver the level of results needed to win.

“We were highly impressed and pleased with the work Redvail did with our campaign. Their team was great to work with and came highly recommended. The Redvail team is quickly making a name for themselves as a force to be reckoned with in conservative politics. “

Donte Michaels

On the campaign trail, fewer campaigns than the Lee campaigns face such opposition from an equally cunning Democratic challenger. This required an immense attention to detail to ensure that results were delivered on the campaign trail.

From the onset, it was clear that we needed to think outside the box to deliver results. Our mission was to create an apparatus that would facilitate an increase in contributions on the campaign trail.

We prioritized the campaign’s existing donor database and established an optimized way to process new donors so that the campaign maintained momentum throughout the course of the campaign leading up to the primaries.

About our results

  • After starting the project, our team performed an in depth analysis on the campaign’s existing donor database to identify patterns and trends that would allow for maximization of previous donations made to the campaign.
  • We identified key points of optimization that would help the campaign leverage previous donors and maximize the contributions while retaining the highest conversion rates achieved to date.
  • Our team established the infrastructure needed to identify and facilitate the intake of new donors by leveraging conversion-driven media, targeted to key donor demographics.
  • The campaign’s average donation of $21 was increased to an average $47.