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Against historic adversity, the Hawley campaign needed an edge to win the election for Missouri and to represent in the US Senate. Before partnering with Redvail, there were questions as to how the campaign would come out on top.

“It’s refreshing to see a group of talented conservatives implementing revolutionary strategies that deliver revolutionary results. “


In the early stages of this project, it became clear that nuance was needed to deliver results. We could not rely upon tried and tested fundraising solutions as our opponents were doing just that.

It was necessary to establish a new, cutting edge fundraising system that would deliver results to the campaign in a way that our opponents simply couldn’t compete. And through this notion, we delivered what some referred to as a revolutionary way to fundraise.

About our results

  • After an extensive analysis of the campaign’s donor database, we identified a series of patterns that would allow for the opportunity to dramatically maximize the contributions made by prior donors.
  • Following a conclusive outreach program to prior donors, we were able to deliver a compelling action plan that would facilitate outreach to new donors beyond the current reach of the campaign.
  • By implementing a proprietary communications system we were able to reach over 2,000,000 donors and convert an astounding 53% of them to the campaign.
  • An expected increase in donations of 32% was exceeded by 27% within the first 6 weeks of launch.