Level Up Your Campaign With Redvail

During his historic run for the office of Governor of Texas – the campaign faced an immense pressure to outperform the Democratic and fellow Republican challengers alike. Along the campaign trail, after a successful primary, the Abbott campaign sought out new, innovative ways to fundraise.

“Redvail came in with a nuanced fundraising strategy that was deployed within weeks and delivered results out of the gate. “

Gardner pate

The requirements were bold and straightforward. To drive contributions to the campaign in a way that the opposing Democratic challenger could simply not compete with.

After performing a deep dive analysis on the challenging campaign’s fundraising apparatus, it was determined that an innovative and perhaps untested approach was needed. To which the Redvail team compiled a lengthy strategy, backed by data and complete with a detailed action plan to achieve victory.

Upon approval, we began to work towards our collective goal to bring the campaign to the forefront of the race.

About our results

  • Performing an in depth analysis on the campaign’s previous donors while promoting maximization in the amounts previously contributed.
  • Developing through a proprietary communication portal the ability to reach an unfettered volume of donors through channels uninhibited by big tech censorship and restrictions.
  • Established conversion-oriented media to be utilized in the efforts to maximize contributions by prior donors and supporters.
  • Implemented the vital infrastructure needed to facilitate the acquisition of new donors.