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Following the historic victory in 2016’s presidential election – groundwork on reelection began quickly. With the responsibilities of the President of the United States, the campaign needed an autonomous and innovative approach to increasing contributions and improving the chances of success in 2020.

“Those guys really know how to implement a sound, predictable and scalable fundraising strategy. “


At the onset of this project, it became apparent that big-tech and censorship from all sides would deal a debilitating blow if not addressed immediately. This required great attention to the establishment of an autonomous and predictable fundraising apparatus that would bypass the potential threat of outside interference and censorship.

It was made known that the campaign had considerable resources – nevertheless, with the mounting pressure from outside forces and Democrat-operatives, the battle would not be won so easily.

This prompted our team to devote immense resources to the establishment and implementation of a fundraising system that would deliver results where others could not. To overcome the adversity of big-tech censorship and animosity of the Democrat challengers.

About our results

  • Our team performed an extensive analysis on the resources within the campaign to determine the fundamental basis to which our system would be constructed.
  • We identified patterns in donor behavior that allowed us to establish a multi-channel approach that would bolster fundraising returns and set a lasting precedent for the results delivered.
  • After careful consideration, our team developed a proprietary communications apparatus that would bypass the same big-tech censorship that deliberately crashed so many conservative movements.
  • With the establishment of such a communications apparatus – considerable resources were required to ensure adequate content and media were accessible to actively increase prior donor returns and to reach new donors.
  • Of the donors reached, an average 42% increase in prior donor contributions achieved.
  • New donor turnout increased as high as 61% throughout the duration of deployment.