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5 Extremely Effective Political Advertising Campaigns


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Political Advertising & Television spots aren’t a new concept in politics. Since the advent of television they have brought candidates into the living rooms of millions of Americans across the country.

But no two campaign ads are equal.

The best of the best deliver a clear message that cuts to the heart of their campaign’s message. What they will do if elected and the things they believe in.

In this article, we’re going to be discussing our favorite, captivating political advertising and TV spots.

Political Advertising Campaign #5: Ted Cruz

Love him or loathe him — Ted Cruz knows how to put together a message that amplifies his campaign. Whether the result of a skilled campaign team — candidate or both.. this ad does a great job of highlighting Cruz as a conservative that delivers on his campaign promises.

A beardless Ted Cruz and his campaign launched this ad in early 2012 during his race for Senate. It paints Cruz as a hardworking, principled conservative that delivers results.

Political Advertising Campaign #4: Josh Hawley

Hawley does a great job of playing the role of Joe Everyman. His campaign ads are no different than his interactions on the debate floor.

This personal styled ad is directed at insurance companies that aren’t covering pre-existing conditions, an issue that Josh Hawley has taken to heart. It’s a great representation of what a campaign can do when it wants to be personal, personable and deliver a clear message on their agenda.

Political Advertising Campaign #3: Barack Obama

The only Democrat on this list — Barack Obama’s team did a fantastic job of painting him as the Great Unifier. Now, whether that was the case during his administration is up for debate.

What isn’t is his knack for delivering compelling campaign ads that rally supporters and drive his message.

Something of a blast from the recent past – this quick spot highlights the power of unity (regardless of what the candidate did once they got into office…) and paints then-candidate Barack Obama as a unifier and voice of change.

Political Advertising Campaign #2: George W Bush

Be it the carefully crafted persona or a few needed pointers from Karl Rove, the 2000 Bush Campaign did TV ads a lot better than his opponents — both Democrats and fellow party members.

Then-candidate George W. Bush wasted no time in delivering the core principles of his campaign. A compassionate-conservative that believes in personal responsibility and the power of the American Dream.

Honorable Mentions

There are too many great political TV ads to condense them all into one list. But there are a few honorable mentions we want to include before we move onto our No. 1 pick.

Marsha Blackburn

There aren’t many politicians that can pull off ‘bookity-bookity-bookity’ in a campaign ad while pulling up in a baby blue race car. That’s what sets this quirky – yet concise campaign ad from Marsha Blackburn for US Senate in 2018.

Lyndon B. Johnson

Originally produced for President Lyndon B. Johnson’s 1964 campaign against Barry Goldwater, this advertisement is a staple in the political sphere. It’s often regarded as one of the first ‘fear-based’ political advertisements in American politics.

Mayra Flores

This is a great example of what storytelling campaign ads can be. Mayra does an excellent job at highlighting her values and the important issues through imagery alone. Couple that with a powerful message and you have yourself a compelling campaign advert.

Dwight D. Eisenhower

In the days of political jingles and jangles – this incredibly catchy advertisement took a happy-go-lucky approach to the campaign trail. Much like those that came after, John F. Kennedy took inspiration from this advertisement when the campaign adopted an official campaign song.

Kristi Noem

The firecracker from South Dakota, then-candidate for Governor, Kristi Noem really shines a light on her opponents flip-flopping politics. In this short, to the point ad she quickly highlights her opponent as a ‘say one thing but do another’ politician that’s not right for South Dakota.

Donald J. Trump

The first TV ad from then-candidate Donald J. Trump, wastes little time diving into the core policies of his campaign. From securing the border to draining the swamp, then-candidate Trump took the charge head on to showcase an agenda of protecting America and Americans.

Political Advertising Campaign #1: Ronald Reagan

Few campaigns have the comforting style of President Reagan’s campaign ads – the iconic Morning in America campaign delivered the best of what American politics had to offer at that time. A simplistic, optimistic display of what strong leadership is capable of. Many campaigns have tried to recapture this tone – few near the level of this iconic television advertisement.

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